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Dreaming of world travel with kids in tow?

Not only is it possible, but pretty much all the families I know could do it if they wanted it enough.  In mid 2015 we sold everything, packed up our two small kids and jumped ship for Bangkok.  We haven’t been back to the UK since.  Instead we have ridden camels in Rajasthan, floated down the Mekong, explored the ancient ruins of Bagan and jumped off waterfalls in New Zealand. The thing is, we are just a normal family, in fact, we are probably a lot like you. We didn’t inherit money, we don’t have a property empire and we certainly don’t have rich parents to fund our travels.  How do we do it? We saved, we sold our stuff and we have become experts in budget family travel.

Valley view above Pokhara
Australian camp Nepal

Could you do it too?

World travel with kids is not just for the privileged few. There are hundreds of traveling families out there right now and you can make it work for your family as well. Even if you are only dreaming about future family adventures we would love to hear from you.  Head on over to our contact page and drop us a line, its always great to hear about other people’s plans and ideas, and we love to answer questions.

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