Children in Jodhpur

What have we been at?

So, I lost my blogging mojo and worried that I was spending too much time in front of a screen and not enough time with the kids.  I slowed down and then I got further and further behind, finally I stopped completely. I had lots and lots of ideas and inspiration, but without someone poking […]

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Elephants Feet Elephants World Kanchanaburi

Visiting Elephants World, Kanchanaburi

Many years ago I went elephant trekking in Thailand. I can’t say I enjoyed it much and it definitely wasn’t a life changing experience. I vaguely remember being coerced into buying extra bananas to feed a baby elephant in a pen and leaving with the general sense of having been taken advantage of. Since then […]

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Three months in Thailand in three minutes

I have been making a determined effort to get the blog up to date recently as I am in real danger of forgetting everything I need to write about.  Looking through hours of video has helped to prod fading memories back to the surface, it also inspired me to put together this short video.  I […]

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On the road to Siriraj Medical Museum

So you want to visit the Museum of Death?

Just as we were having a hard time making a decision about where we should go after Petchaburi, my sister and her family made a last-minute decision to fly out from Scotland to see us. So, instead of making plans for Laos we headed back to Bangkok to meet them and take them on a […]

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Khao Luang Caves Petchaburi

Highlights of Petchaburi town

Most of my stay in Petchaburi town was taken up with one very important task.  That task was trying to get my kids to walk past the room next door without looking in. This was because the next door room was occupied by a middle-aged man who sat at his computer all day in just […]

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Home schooling Road schooling notebook

“It was boring” – the reality of home schooling bites

I was really excited about home schooling my kids as we traveled. Letting them break free from the restrictions of the classroom; exploring new things alongside them as we went on an educational journey together, and other naïve rose-tinted fluff like that. The title above was what my five-year old wrote in her scrapbook about […]

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Horse ride Hua Hin Beach Thailand

Hua Hin and a very small victory for positivity

You may or may not have heard of Hua Hin before, it is reputedly the oldest holiday resort in Thailand and it is popular enough that you can buy a packaged trip there with some of the big operators like Thompson or Virgin Holidays.  Going to a place that package holiday makers frequent in droves […]

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Wing 5 Prachuap Kiri Khan

A mangled foot, a Top Gun rescue and a lesson learnt the hard way

About a month ago, while in Prachuap Kiri Khan, I was responsible for my son mangling his foot horribly in a bicycle wheel.  I haven’t written a blog post since it happened because I was waiting to see if the foot was going to turn gangrenous and fall off before I came clean and confessed […]

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Child and bicycle Ban Krut Thailand

The slow charm of Ban Krut

I met a really cool, chatty Californian guy in the train station on my way out of Ban Krut. Our meeting was notable for two reasons; the first was that he made the surprisingly common mistake of congratulating me on my excellent spoken English after I told him I was from Northern Ireland, and was […]

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North Beach Bungalows Chaloklum Koh Phangan

Getting stuck in Chaloklum

It was always our plan to spend some time relaxing on Koh Phangan, but it was never our plan to end up spending weeks in Chaloklum, a little fishing village on the north coast of the island that I had only heard mentioned fleetingly in guidebooks as the place to go to if you wanted […]

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