Himalayan Queen Shimla

Shits and Giggles at Delhi Airport

The quickest way I know to shift a few surplus pounds is to go on holiday to India. Indeed I would argue that it can be cheaper and requires less effort than a week at a bootcamp. The short bursts of speed required when locating the nearest available loo are pretty much the only exercise […]

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Himilayan Queen Shimla

Shimla to Kalka on The Himalayan Queen

I may have mentioned once or twice how much I love trains, so you can understand that I was a little bit more excited than normal about the prospect of travelling on the Himalayan Queen along the World Heritage line between Shimla and Kalka. Unfortunately, the train from Jaipur to Shimla landed us in Chandigar […]

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The Mall Shimla

Even the street dogs can chill out in Shimla

Of all the ways to die, the eye-rolling, slow, terror-driven expiration from rabies must be one of the worst. For this reason every mammal I see is a potential threat to my children, none more so than my arch nemesis (Satan’s familiar) the macaque. Second only to those evil little bastards is the street dog, […]

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I love India bracelet

A whistlestop tour of Rajasthan by train

I find that I like India a whole lot more when I am not actually in India. When I am in India, I find it noisy, polluted, messy and overwhelming. When I am somewhere else, I think back to all the memorable experiences I had, and the beautiful things that I saw, forgetting the times […]

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