About Us

Let me introduce myself – I’m Jess, and my family and I have a plan.  We are on a mission to see as much of the world as we can. We really aren’t in a hurry, think of us dragging our feet around the planet rather than blazing a trail. We won’t be travelling in style either, because the longer we can make the money last, the longer we can do what we love the most; at this point I should say  ‘seeing the world and spending quality time together,’ but in reality I mean ‘not having to get up for work and arguing in more picturesque locations.’

Where are we going? We aren’t quite sure. We started in Thailand, did some work in New Zealand before heading off to explore India, Nepal and S. E Asia. We aren’t sure what will happen next, but the South Pacific looks mighty fine.


My husband likes to call me Mrs Boss, I like that too. He also calls me the Health and Safety Executive, but only from a distance. I am in charge of all the boring stuff like money and trawling for deals, because sadly it is in my nature. I am the chief spoiler of fun and enforcer of schoolwork. Originally from Belfast, I have lived in London long enough for Northern Irish people to laugh at my pronunciation of ‘hair’. I am a museum professional by trade so I love looking at old stuff and talking about old stuff; my husband is a lucky, lucky man


Spud’s Northern Irish accent is so strong that most people he meets struggle to understand him, so I love nothing more than watching him order things in foreign countries. He is the visionary one and is always coming up with huge ideas and plans. Unlike me he understands technology and carries a rucksack full of gadgets, plugs and wires wherever we go. He is a very experienced and responsible physiotherapist, but he must be a bit shifty looking because drunken strangers often ask him to sell them drugs.


Newt is our little Miss Sunshine who is already rebelling against her mother’s feminist principles by loving Barbie and wanting to be a princess.


Buzz is also affectionately known in the family as Destructo. He has a specific talent for finding anything you don’t want him to have, and he loves nothing more than taking stuff apart.


My kids aren’t really called Newt and Buzz. I am just indulging my inner Ellen Ripley and my son’s belief that he can actually fly.

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