Dreaming of world travel with kids in tow? 

Not only is it possible, but pretty much all the families I know could do it if they wanted it enough.  In mid 2015 we sold everything, packed up our two small kids and jumped ship for Bangkok.  We haven’t been back to the UK since.  Instead we have ridden camels in Rajasthan, floated down the Mekong, explored the ancient ruins of Bagan and jumped off waterfalls in New Zealand. The thing is, we are just a normal family, in fact, we are probably a lot like you. So – how do we do it?  We saved like mad, we sold our stuff and we have become experts in budget family travel.

Could you do it too?   

World travel with kids is not just for the privileged few. There are hundreds of traveling families out there right now and you can make it work for your family as well. Even if you are only dreaming about future family adventures we would love to hear from you.  Head on over to our contact page and drop us a line, its always great to hear about other people’s plans and ideas, and we love to answer questions.

After you have done that, go ahead check out some of our blog posts below. Hopefully you will find something useful in there.

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Burma street scene

A compendium of other stuff we did in Burma

Now that I think about it, we did do more than our average amount of tourist activities in Burma. We didn’t really just hang out anywhere and soak up the atmosphere, like we tend to do in other places.  Maybe because we were on a bit of a schedule, which isn’t normally the case, or […]

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Shwe In Bin Kuang Mandalay

Shwe In Bin Kyaung – Teak delights in Mandalay

Creaky, teaky and sleepy, Shwe In Bin Kyaung was the most memorable place that we visited during our time in Burma.  It provided a soothing, tranquil oasis among the dusty bustle of Mandalay, and our visit happened to come in the middle of one of those great days during which everything just works out, no […]

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Around Burma

Again, I have been having a trawl through our videos to update my fading memories.  To be honest the footage from around Burma was far from awesome. The only video I could find from Mandalay was Buzz jumping off a pile of stones beside some roadworks. Riveting stuff. Nonetheless, I cobbled together a couple of […]

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Accountant General's Office, Yangon

Highlights of Yangon – Mouldy old buildings and really cheap gin

For reasons of both laziness and logistics, we ended up spending a fair bit of time wandering around Yangon. And, while it is not exactly Paris or New York, it was a pretty pleasant place to potter around in. Mouldy buildings and really cheap gin might not be much of a draw for many, however, […]

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Myanmar flag

Oh Burma – Where did we go wrong?

I don’t think I have ever been as excited to visit anywhere, as I was to visit Burma. As we left Nepal I was giddy with anticipation, spending our stopover in Bangkok immersed in travellers’ tales and fawning over spectacular images of the Bagan temples and golden roofs of glistening pagodas. I also have to […]

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Catching night buses in Burma

It is an annoying reality of backpacking in Burma, but if you want to do any kind of long-distance travel you will find that you will probably be doing it on a bus, at night.  Luckily, surviving night buses in Burma is an easy task. You may be surprised to learn that we found ourselves […]

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Series – The downsides of long-term travel

Number two – Getting sick on the road Shit happens. We all know that. Shit can happen on your commute to work, or while you are cooking dinner or even while you sleep.  However, while shit happens to all of us, our ways of trying to cope with the uncertainties of life vary enormously. Some […]

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